Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Defense of Sarah Palin's Record of Service

First, let me make one thing clear. Yes, she quit. I won't go Ann Coulter and pretend it was a brilliant move politically (By the way, when Coulter lies she looks up and left while touching her hair). Resigning her post was a bad move politically, and the court of public opinion will continue to harass her for it. But Sarah Palin simply doesn't care about the politics. She does what she thinks is morally right, and she always has. Many of the ethics complaints were filed by a woman named Andree McLeod, a former supporter who Sarah rightfully turned down for a post which she was not qualified to hold. Since then, she has betrayed and harassed Sarah, partly from malice and partly for the attention. The personal and professional attacks on Sarah got so bad that she had to start an ethics probe on herself, to prove her innocence. After that investigation ended up costing the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, she said enough. Her opponents had targeted her family and made it impossible for her to operate in an executive capacity. The decision to step down was neither easy or beneficial for Sarah (She was on the verge of tears while resigning!) but it was staying the course. She took an oath to honestly and effectively govern Alaska. When that became impossible she resigned her post in service of, and loyalty to, the state she loved.

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