Friday, August 28, 2009

Information Czar

I just read that the Democrats in Congress proposed a law that gives the President power to shut off the internet in the case of an "Emergency". I'm sure the stated goal of this legislation is to prevent a Virus from spreading unchecked. On the other hand, we witnessed firsthand the effects of totalitarianism in Iran. Authority corrupts. The Caliphs in Qom shut down the internet in an effort to control the flow of information from people who wanted to exercise dissent. I'm afraid Obama is gathering the strings in hand, and it will be too late when he finally starts pulling them.


  1. Thanks but no thanks I'll keep my own computer safe. NO government intervention needed.

  2. My god, it gets scarier every day. I heard on Rush Limbaugh he was gonna start taxing conservatives radio shows so they go out of business. It's all part of how they punish people who disagree with them.