Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Is there anybody else out there? Or am I the only one?

I've always thought blogging was a pointless waste, propagated by those desperate few who can't find people to talk to in the real world. But I've been so enraged recently by the lies of Obama and his Democrats that I had to throw my hat into the fray. Today, the cash for clunkers program entered Socialism stage two- begin paying Americans to buy cars. I'm not going to criticize the program itself, since it seems to be the first thing Obama has done which will actually stimulate the economy. Instead, I will simply point out the obvious problem which has plagued Obama's every move so far. He is unprepared to lead, and lacks basic management skills. The previous three presidents had all served a term as governor, and even Bush senior directed the CIA. Obama, in contrast, had no executive experience or even true knowledge of the economy. Cash for Clunkers seems to indicate our new president's supreme inability to actually run this county. As Fox News keeps pointing out for us, Obama apparently believes he is still on the campaign trail. His popularity and ratings are plummeting in national polls, but his administration is treating these issues like nothing more than bad PR. The fact is, Americans have become disillusioned with the path he is leading us down. Riding the high of Anti-Bushism, voters desperately turned to the one person who promised to fix Washington corruption and lead us out of a flailing war (not Nixon). Now, we are beginning to realize that Obama, like Nixon before him, didn't actually have a secret plan to end our conflicts and crises. Here's the problem. Obama sits on top of the world's financial and industrial systems, manipulating and controlling segments of the economy which the executive branch had previously left untouched. We bailed out and restructured the auto industry, forcing the free market itself to ask permission from the government to successfully fail. Unfortunately, this action gutted American car makers and destroyed their independence. I know, this has been long coming for Michigan, but the Democrats have put the final nail in the coffin. Our national recession may be ending; but the national nightmare is just beginning. obama's program shows the weak position he has forced the previously-free economy into. Even with the jump in July, car sales are still below the levels of a year ago. After all the money, time, and infrastructure Americans invested in these corporations, no one was buying their cars. So Obama offered them a significant cash back on every purchase. In response, Liberals all across America have applauded this one-time government effort. Stimulus, better environmental impacts, and some early signs of recovery. Congress is racing to extend the program, adding more billions to an already closing system. My problem is not the small rebate, or even the huge amount of cumulative money which will be spent (a drop in the bucket, at this point). The question many Americans are asking is, when will this end? Next month we'll use up the two billion, and people will stop buying cars again. The union workers who were briefly put back to work will face another round of layoffs, as a glutted and government-supported industry is again forced to compete in the real world of free markets. Obama has locked us into a vicious circle. Recessions and depressions are natural and inevitable, as is the resurgence of a versatile and mutable market. Now, that cycle is completely destroyed. America has reached a mindset where everything is too big to fail. Some conservatives claim Obama is punishing success and removing the impetus for growth. The opposite is true. He has ensured that business and industry alike cannot achieve either success or failure without some type of government intervention. Obama believes that capitalism itself is broken. True conservatives know that without recession, there cannot be expansion. Adam Smith proved that. For this reason, Reagan advocated tax cuts and a smaller government during recessions. And Reaganomics worked. Even if the stock markets rally this week, and even if Obama is responsible for it, he has not solved any problems. Rather, Americans may find themselves shackled to a repressive, Socialist government which regulates the well-being of the economy and the people. It's supposed to be the other way around. Whether he is aware of it or not, Obama has effectively removed the economy's most effective recovery tool: Self-correction.

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