Sunday, September 20, 2009

Annoyance of a Political Nature

Once you start paying attention to the Liberalization of American politics, your life changes. I'm starting to get grey hairs, and I'm only 35. obama keeps making the same mistakes over and over again. He announced plans to scrap the controversial missile defense for Eastern Europe. This is because Russia disliked what it viewed as an attempt to impose influence in their territory. Never mind that Iran will have a nuclear missile any day, the proposed network would have at least strengthened America's image in the world and promote positioning technology. And now obama appears to be courting the Russians, to try to gain some political advantage for the action. He keeps doing this. You have to negotiate first, then make the announcement. Russia (Who supports Iran) isn't going to trade anything when they already know the program is doomed. Over and over, obama has defamed America, approached dictators, and generally rewarded anti-social behavior. And he hasn't really gained anything for it either. All I know is, he should stop cutting deals and apologizing for me, and start defending the security interests of America.

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