Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Iran's Threat to Israel

Is anyone else worried about Obama's Policy toward Iran? He also is refusing to discuss peace talks with Israel unless they put an immediate halt on new settlements in Gaza and the West Bank. That could never work. Israel gets 2/3 of all drinkable water supplies from those two traditional settlement areas. If obama forces Israel to give up their towns (Which were legally purchased from Palestinian landowners after the Balfour declaration) the entire state would literally die of dehydration. In the mean time, Iran smuggles weapons to Fundamentalist muslims in the Hamas organization. Just today Egyptian authorities found two tons of lethal explosives near the border of Gaza. http://fawksnews.wordpress.com/ On the other hand, if Obama just waits six more months Iran will develop a nuclear weapon that can obliterate Israel. The Iranian "President" is not concerned about Mutually Assured Destruction: He has repeatedly stated that a first strike against Israel is a good idea. Either way, Obama's true dedication to the peace process has become apparent since his election. He is willing to pacify dictators in the name of "diplomacy", even at the expense of the destruction of Israel, our only stable ally in the Middle East.

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  1. One of the good things about Bush was that he supported Israel no matter what. I'm not sure if Obama wants Isreal out of the way.