Thursday, September 3, 2009


I am fully aware that most Americans have no idea what's happening in Iraq. For proof of that assertion, check out this site, Owned by one Bill Meradeia: But the man arrested today for the series of bombing last weeks apparently received order from the Ba'ath Party in Syria. The Ba'ath, founded I believe in the 1960s as a secular political organization, is currently trying to organize a resistance in Iraq. Some news agencies think that the Ba'ath may have formed an alliance with Al-Qaeda. Do you know how many decades Saddam Hussein tried to do just that? Osama Bin-Ladin used to think that Hussein was his enemy. The worst thing that could happen to America is a partnership between the secular politicians and hardline fundamentalist radicals. Apparently, that's the direction Obama would like to take America. Mark my words, within six months Iraq will be a province of Iran and the fundamentalist Clerics that control that country. How do I know? The US-trained Iraqi army raided a camp of Iranian dissidents today. Several people died, because they opposed the policies of the Iranian military regime.


  1. Nice. My site is up and running. I linked to you, you should do the same for me. I'm still waiting for you to respond.

  2. True, but those problems aren't Barak Obama's fault. The Iraq war is Bush's project, and Obama is trying to adhere to the schedule he set out on the campaign trail. You cant blame Obama for Iraq.