Monday, October 26, 2009

DC Conservative (and Liberal) Protests

I've been gone since October 6th, and I arrived in Washington DC at about noon on October 7th. I was chaperoning for a class trip. They wanted me to go because I'm the moderator for the Young Republican Club. We stayed at the Holiday Inn near Dumbarton Oaks Park, and I took a few kids on a tour of GW University, in case they wanted to apply. On the first day we were there, one of my students saw a group led by demanding an immediate withdrawal from Afghanistan. She turned and asked me, "Ms. Destofy, what are the liberals protesting?"
I laughed and told her, "I'm not sure Kate. They already won."
Then on Saturday, October 17th, there was a much smaller anti-media protest. I would point out that I didn't attend any of these rallies, partly because they were liberal ideals but also because a teacher can get fired for having political views on the job. I had to watch from afar as people gathered all over the Washington Mall with signs and big Obama puppets. It was such a hilarious reversal of the last eight years. You see, in Sun Tzu's the Art of War a moving army is always victorious. Once you fortify and set up defenses, your defeat is inevitable. That's why Bush made such an easy target. He was trying to defend America from the worst series of tragedies that had befallen it in recent memory. After he won, liberals spent a full eight years spreading lies, protesting, and burning flags. Now it's our turn, and Obama is on the defensive. We are the guerilla fighters (Metaphorically- no guns. As a teacher they terrify me. I am extremely pro-gun control) and Obama is the man behind the city walls. We must fight him using the tools and weapons that Liberals developed for Bush over the last eight years.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Obama and Nixon: A Comparison

Sorry I haven't blogged in almost a month, I took two of my high school classes for a two and a half week trip to Washington DC. I got to march in a real conservative protest! I'm at work, and I don't want them to catch me blogging against obama, so I'll put that into my next post. In the lastest news, obama is still cozying up to China just like Richard Nixon. It's scary, I was joking the first time I said that. Expanding government, blaming the media, rewarding allies and punishing enemies, continuing and expanding the wars started by his predecessor that he promised to end: obama looks more like Nixon every day. He's already surrounded himself with a close-knit old-school cabal of loyal advisors. I'm just itching for that first impeachable crime. We conservatives should spend as much time attacking the President as we can. You won't have Obama to kick around forever because, gentleman, his days in office are numbered.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bad Republicans

I'm very annoyed with the Republican party at this moment. They should be taking using obama's fiscal foolishness, pressing the advantage against the Democrats in the Senate. Instead, I read about 3 Million Dollar handouts to a Goldman Sachs derivative that wants to mine in California. Yes, rare earth metals are vital in creating new technologies and microchips, and yes, China controls a majority of these elements. But as this article points out, the Molycorp investors and GS were going to make money regardless. And yes, I read Politico. To defeat the enemy you must think like them.
This unnecessary Goldman Sachs subsidy was put into a Defense Spending bill as an earmark by Republican Jerry Lewis of California. The Defense Department couldn't care less, since they could have asked for the money at any time. I was fairly certain the Republicans would come back in the 2010 elections, but I'm losing hope. The only thing America likes less than obama is the Republican party. Maybe the GOP needs to rebrand. They could call themselves the Liberal Democratic Party.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Olympic-Sized Failure

Wonderful News: Chicago is not going to get the Olympics. In other words, both obamas and and oprah together could not convince the rest of the world to love America. Right about now, I'll bet the president is reconsidering his foreign policy. Iran is building a bomb, empty talk from Kim Jong Il, and he can't even scrounge up a few European brigades to send to Iraq. I wonder what all the apologizing was for. The president needs to realize America is on top of the world, and that means everyone else wants to tear us down. We are alone, defending the moral and political order we created after WWII. The only direction we can move is down, and to be perfectly frank, I would rather stay where we are.