Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bad Republicans

I'm very annoyed with the Republican party at this moment. They should be taking using obama's fiscal foolishness, pressing the advantage against the Democrats in the Senate. Instead, I read about 3 Million Dollar handouts to a Goldman Sachs derivative that wants to mine in California. Yes, rare earth metals are vital in creating new technologies and microchips, and yes, China controls a majority of these elements. But as this article points out, the Molycorp investors and GS were going to make money regardless. And yes, I read Politico. To defeat the enemy you must think like them.
This unnecessary Goldman Sachs subsidy was put into a Defense Spending bill as an earmark by Republican Jerry Lewis of California. The Defense Department couldn't care less, since they could have asked for the money at any time. I was fairly certain the Republicans would come back in the 2010 elections, but I'm losing hope. The only thing America likes less than obama is the Republican party. Maybe the GOP needs to rebrand. They could call themselves the Liberal Democratic Party.

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  1. "Thinking like the enemy"; I'm going to start using that one when people ask me why I watch CNN! ^^
    Sadly, I think the reason why the Reps are so hated right now is because the most outspoken of them are extremely right-wing, which turns off a lot of people. If you can't vote independent, then you have to vote for the people you think are closer to the middle, and right now the Republicans aren't appealing to those undecideds.