Friday, October 23, 2009

Obama and Nixon: A Comparison

Sorry I haven't blogged in almost a month, I took two of my high school classes for a two and a half week trip to Washington DC. I got to march in a real conservative protest! I'm at work, and I don't want them to catch me blogging against obama, so I'll put that into my next post. In the lastest news, obama is still cozying up to China just like Richard Nixon. It's scary, I was joking the first time I said that. Expanding government, blaming the media, rewarding allies and punishing enemies, continuing and expanding the wars started by his predecessor that he promised to end: obama looks more like Nixon every day. He's already surrounded himself with a close-knit old-school cabal of loyal advisors. I'm just itching for that first impeachable crime. We conservatives should spend as much time attacking the President as we can. You won't have Obama to kick around forever because, gentleman, his days in office are numbered.

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