Friday, October 2, 2009

Olympic-Sized Failure

Wonderful News: Chicago is not going to get the Olympics. In other words, both obamas and and oprah together could not convince the rest of the world to love America. Right about now, I'll bet the president is reconsidering his foreign policy. Iran is building a bomb, empty talk from Kim Jong Il, and he can't even scrounge up a few European brigades to send to Iraq. I wonder what all the apologizing was for. The president needs to realize America is on top of the world, and that means everyone else wants to tear us down. We are alone, defending the moral and political order we created after WWII. The only direction we can move is down, and to be perfectly frank, I would rather stay where we are.


  1. Who cares. Bush used air force one thousands of times. And Barack Obama only left because he knew the Senate Finance Committee would vote to release a healthcare bill. And, while Obama was on the tarmac, he met with General McChrystal to discuss the Afghan war strategy. Too bad Chicago didn't get the Olympics.

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