Friday, August 28, 2009

Information Czar

I just read that the Democrats in Congress proposed a law that gives the President power to shut off the internet in the case of an "Emergency". I'm sure the stated goal of this legislation is to prevent a Virus from spreading unchecked. On the other hand, we witnessed firsthand the effects of totalitarianism in Iran. Authority corrupts. The Caliphs in Qom shut down the internet in an effort to control the flow of information from people who wanted to exercise dissent. I'm afraid Obama is gathering the strings in hand, and it will be too late when he finally starts pulling them.

Obama and Kennedy- One down, one to go

The Protest was amazing! I couldn't get anywhere near the Blue Heron Farm, but there were some great groups of picketers all across the Island. I guarantee the Liberal Media won't cover them, though. It's ironic that Obama spent so much time during the Campaign attacking Bush for taking vacations, then spends his in a Ranch in New England. At least Crawford was a business center, where Bush could meet with dignitaries and connect with Washington. Obama and his family are just taking a week off, maybe to distract attention from his failing policies. Everyone was polite and respectful, we were just trying to let the "President" know we disagreed with his policies. I heard that wackjob Cindy Sheehan was on the Island, but I didn't see her. I wonder why she's still protesting, when the Liberal have already won. Probably doesn't know how to do anything else. In other news, Senator Ed "The Red-Nosed Reindeer" Kennedy passed away. Not to attack the recently dead, but that man was an embarrassment and a national disaster. How can a person get away with killing a woman, then go and try to get himself elected president? His support for gay marriage and Obama's Socialism was truly disgusting. At least the Democrats can't override a filibuster on Communist medicine anymore.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Protest obama's Vacation

I was planning on ignoring the comment about Kessler's Hand, but his last posts were absolutely inspiring. I've decided to drive down to Martha's Vineyard to protest during Obama's vacation. I'll be there for two or three days, it'll be my first protest since I moved out of my parent's house.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

National Defense or False Pretense?

Thank the good Lord, someone with a legitimate opinion finally posted on my blog. That's why I started this site, to connect with other Conservatives who know the real purpose of government. Anyway, Obama is planning to cut defense spending. He's phasing out 'obsolete' weapons like the F-22 Raptor, and planning to shut down other programs which are vital to our national defense. Say what you want about George Bush, at least I could sleep at night knowing his first goal was to protect America. Obama, on the other hand, seems set on dismantling everything we conservatives love about this country. What's more important to this president, saving American lives or a few dollars? It seems ridiculous that Obama would spend trillions of dollars to promote his Liberal agenda, then shave off a few bucks in the name of cutting the budget.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Finally, Health Care

Anyway, today I realized why I oppose Obama's plan to fix health care. I've known for a while that something was wrong but couldn't quite put my finger on it. The real reason Health Care is such a mess is the connection between Insurance and Medical Lobbyists and naive law writing senators. I think even the other side would agree with that. Hillary Clinton's National Health plan failed because she failed to consult the Senate beforehand. Learning from her stupidity, Obama offered to let the lobbyists secretly build the system themselves. Cutting out the middleman to save you dollars. Both times, special interests determined the process of passing laws. If anyone wants true healthcare reform from this Democratic government, the course is clear. You have to find a way to separate the lobbyists and senators during important votes. Maybe a giant cage. The fact is, limiting America's medical industry means damaging the Democratic fundraising machine. McCain-Feinstein eliminated some loopholes, but allowed the potential for limitless unconnected PAC donations. The next step is a Democrat-Lobby partnership using the government to finance this dependency spiral. But by then it's too late; laws will already be signed. Either way, I can see that being a Lobbyist for either automobile or medical companies is a growth industry in this recession.
Before I begin, let me just say something to "Bill". You already make me regret starting this blog. The prospect of actual feedback from real people excited me after getting home, and then I saw your name on the post. I will never respond to you again, and please stop visiting my site. Instead of refuting you point by point, I will merely inform you that conservativism is in fact a word. It's a collective movement of Americans who want to return to true conservative politics. You say conservatives have an ideology? You could not be more wrong. Strictly speaking, the conservative movement has no ideology. The original framers of the system, from Edmund Burke to William F. Buckley and Allan Bloom, would agree with me. In addition, modern politics have stripped the true philosophy and goals from conservatism almost entirely. Japan's Liberal Democratic Party follows these writers more closer than today's American Republicans. The term conservative has almost no meaning anymore, as opposed to Conservativism, which is an active movement.  Get it?  Both an ideology and a set of practical beliefs. Once more, never read or post on my Blog again.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

America in Danger

I'm posting this video without permission of Glenn Beck.  I was going to post his commemoration of the president's birthday, but I couldn't find it and this caught my eye.  I promise not to steal anything else for this blog. 

Massive Auto Fiasco

I really thought the Cash for Clunkers program was harmless at best. Then today my friend sent me a newslink about Biden somehow getting his hands on two billion dollars of taxpayer money. I have a feeling that they never trusted Al Gore with that much spending cash. He's doling it out in grants to fund creation of a revolutionary new hybrid car battery. It will be the most important development in modern technology, completely changing the way humans live. The benefits to the environment, and the green industry in general, will be unlimited. But these are democrats, so of course, there's one slight problem.

They're giving more money directly to the auto companies.

Unbelievable. I was half-joking yesterday when I said that America would be trapped in a Neo-Communist web of government dependency, but it's happening faster than I thought. And I teach high school, thus pending naturally toward pessimist. Apparently the fact that government handouts make people buy cars at lower than last year's peak levels means another investment in failure is a good idea. I would honestly have no problem with these grants if they were awarded entirely to scholarly research associations connected with schools or even an independent, government-sponsored 'green' company. But does anyone believe that the auto industry really wants to develop hybrid energy? Ford's first and only mass produced electric car was pulled from the market so quickly they were compacted with several hippies still inside. The technology has existed for decades, but American auto companies have done almost nothing to make it practical. Here's a test for Obama's transparency in the section which records broken campaign promises. If we can even find out how half of this money is spent, I'll consider the program a success.

A Defense of Sarah Palin's Record of Service

First, let me make one thing clear. Yes, she quit. I won't go Ann Coulter and pretend it was a brilliant move politically (By the way, when Coulter lies she looks up and left while touching her hair). Resigning her post was a bad move politically, and the court of public opinion will continue to harass her for it. But Sarah Palin simply doesn't care about the politics. She does what she thinks is morally right, and she always has. Many of the ethics complaints were filed by a woman named Andree McLeod, a former supporter who Sarah rightfully turned down for a post which she was not qualified to hold. Since then, she has betrayed and harassed Sarah, partly from malice and partly for the attention. The personal and professional attacks on Sarah got so bad that she had to start an ethics probe on herself, to prove her innocence. After that investigation ended up costing the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, she said enough. Her opponents had targeted her family and made it impossible for her to operate in an executive capacity. The decision to step down was neither easy or beneficial for Sarah (She was on the verge of tears while resigning!) but it was staying the course. She took an oath to honestly and effectively govern Alaska. When that became impossible she resigned her post in service of, and loyalty to, the state she loved.

Obama's Broken Campaign Promises- Part 1

This is part one of my ongoing series detailing the many, many empty promises Barack Obama made on the Campaign Trail. This is really for my own benefit, since they're so numerous it's hard to remember.

1) Transparency in government
2) A Lobbyist-free administration
3) Corporate Accountability
4) Fiscal Responsibility
5) No more 'Bush-era' signing statements
6) Negotiate Health care (and all bills- remember the 5 day promise?) in an open, public forum
7) Reopen negotiations on NAFTA
8) No earmarks
9) Work with the Republicans for Bipartisan change
10) Steer government contracts to small businesses
11) Move beyond petty partisan bickering by leaving the Bush Admin in the history books

Then there's the list of promises he broke during the campaign itself, when Obama would say anything to get elected. Public financing, holding the financial industry accountable while taking donations from AIG, the list goes on and on. It's sad, really, what American politicians have become since the Reagan days.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

An attempted solution for the Grand old Party

Now that I started blogging, I can't seem to stop. It has a perverse joy to it, like yelling into an empty canyon or arguing with a liberal who's too nervous to interrupt you. I wish I could enjoy Obama's record low popularity, but the Republican party's poll numbers are even lower. Although there's not really much we can do right now but lick our wounds and disrupt town hall meetings, I have a few suggestions to revive the Republican Party as we used to know it.
1) Stop talking about Gay marriage.
I know, I know, Homosexuality is an immoral sin and unnatural. But the cat's out of the bag. This is America, and our real ability to protest ends as soon as people equate a topic with natural rights and constitutional protection. As more and more states have legalized unholy unions, Republican politicians have repeatedly led the fight to preserve our values. The downside of this attention is that many people have begun equating the Republican party with homophobia, which is almost as bad as racism these days. In short, we risk becoming obsolete as popular values change. Unfortunately, I believe Homosexual marriage is inevitable in America within ten years. Republicans can either go down fighting this as polls change to favor it, or we can focus on fights we can actually win.
Solution: Mobilize the base to fight Homosexuality locally through religious and grassroots organizations. Republicans can use this method to identify and unite the cultural conservatives without alienating the progressives who might otherwise vote correctly. Remember, the whole problem stays on ice as long as we keep it a 'state' issue. It also leaves Republican politicians clean on the national level, and would promote a renewal of the previous generation's ties to the religious majority.

2) Morality is only as good as the mouth it comes from.
This is going to be hard for politicians, but they have to stop having affairs and stealing money. The true strength of the Republican party is the connection to a fundamentalist base willing to fight for their beliefs. No one will lift a finger to help an adulterous thief or a philandering homosexual. Every new scandal dissociates the public from the party leadership, creating understandable media stories about corruption. Republican politicians like Mitt Romney, who can actually claim to have led a moral life, are perfect. The GOP needs to reclaim the position of morality, but more empty words will only annoy the public.
Solution: Bring some closers out of the minors. Michael Steele needs to be locating and supporting local politicians to run for national offices. Every entrenched democrat in the senate has the advantages associated with tenure, but also has any number of weak spots. Long-term officeholders like Barney Frank seem like they're untouchable in their districts, but enough attack ads (which honestly describe their outright lies) combined with nationally-organized local activism will unseat anyone. By locating and identifying areas where Republicans are already stationed and advancing them up with full support, the RNC can reconnect their senators and congressmen with a local base. Among leaders this would also ensure party loyalty, for the candidate and people who voted for him. Once again, it would only work with a completely upright fundamentalist who could connect with a state-wide or national religious base and claim the moral ground over corrupt democrats.

3) Continue to oppose the Socialism of American Industry.
This one is pretty much a no-brainer. Talk to people, call congress, and whatever. Everything short of violence. If you disagree, stop reading my posts. Obama has opened a floodgate of Neo-Communist Nationalization, and at no point in history has that worked in the long-run. With the veto-proof majority in the Senate, we may not be able to prevent an epic disaster . But if the Republican party follows steps one and two and fight people like Bill Meradeia, we might have the numbers to stop it by the next election cycle. At least we can position ourselves so that when everything goes bad, we can say "Told you so."

Is there anybody else out there? Or am I the only one?

I've always thought blogging was a pointless waste, propagated by those desperate few who can't find people to talk to in the real world. But I've been so enraged recently by the lies of Obama and his Democrats that I had to throw my hat into the fray. Today, the cash for clunkers program entered Socialism stage two- begin paying Americans to buy cars. I'm not going to criticize the program itself, since it seems to be the first thing Obama has done which will actually stimulate the economy. Instead, I will simply point out the obvious problem which has plagued Obama's every move so far. He is unprepared to lead, and lacks basic management skills. The previous three presidents had all served a term as governor, and even Bush senior directed the CIA. Obama, in contrast, had no executive experience or even true knowledge of the economy. Cash for Clunkers seems to indicate our new president's supreme inability to actually run this county. As Fox News keeps pointing out for us, Obama apparently believes he is still on the campaign trail. His popularity and ratings are plummeting in national polls, but his administration is treating these issues like nothing more than bad PR. The fact is, Americans have become disillusioned with the path he is leading us down. Riding the high of Anti-Bushism, voters desperately turned to the one person who promised to fix Washington corruption and lead us out of a flailing war (not Nixon). Now, we are beginning to realize that Obama, like Nixon before him, didn't actually have a secret plan to end our conflicts and crises. Here's the problem. Obama sits on top of the world's financial and industrial systems, manipulating and controlling segments of the economy which the executive branch had previously left untouched. We bailed out and restructured the auto industry, forcing the free market itself to ask permission from the government to successfully fail. Unfortunately, this action gutted American car makers and destroyed their independence. I know, this has been long coming for Michigan, but the Democrats have put the final nail in the coffin. Our national recession may be ending; but the national nightmare is just beginning. obama's program shows the weak position he has forced the previously-free economy into. Even with the jump in July, car sales are still below the levels of a year ago. After all the money, time, and infrastructure Americans invested in these corporations, no one was buying their cars. So Obama offered them a significant cash back on every purchase. In response, Liberals all across America have applauded this one-time government effort. Stimulus, better environmental impacts, and some early signs of recovery. Congress is racing to extend the program, adding more billions to an already closing system. My problem is not the small rebate, or even the huge amount of cumulative money which will be spent (a drop in the bucket, at this point). The question many Americans are asking is, when will this end? Next month we'll use up the two billion, and people will stop buying cars again. The union workers who were briefly put back to work will face another round of layoffs, as a glutted and government-supported industry is again forced to compete in the real world of free markets. Obama has locked us into a vicious circle. Recessions and depressions are natural and inevitable, as is the resurgence of a versatile and mutable market. Now, that cycle is completely destroyed. America has reached a mindset where everything is too big to fail. Some conservatives claim Obama is punishing success and removing the impetus for growth. The opposite is true. He has ensured that business and industry alike cannot achieve either success or failure without some type of government intervention. Obama believes that capitalism itself is broken. True conservatives know that without recession, there cannot be expansion. Adam Smith proved that. For this reason, Reagan advocated tax cuts and a smaller government during recessions. And Reaganomics worked. Even if the stock markets rally this week, and even if Obama is responsible for it, he has not solved any problems. Rather, Americans may find themselves shackled to a repressive, Socialist government which regulates the well-being of the economy and the people. It's supposed to be the other way around. Whether he is aware of it or not, Obama has effectively removed the economy's most effective recovery tool: Self-correction.