Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Massive Auto Fiasco

I really thought the Cash for Clunkers program was harmless at best. Then today my friend sent me a newslink about Biden somehow getting his hands on two billion dollars of taxpayer money. I have a feeling that they never trusted Al Gore with that much spending cash. He's doling it out in grants to fund creation of a revolutionary new hybrid car battery. It will be the most important development in modern technology, completely changing the way humans live. The benefits to the environment, and the green industry in general, will be unlimited. But these are democrats, so of course, there's one slight problem.

They're giving more money directly to the auto companies.

Unbelievable. I was half-joking yesterday when I said that America would be trapped in a Neo-Communist web of government dependency, but it's happening faster than I thought. And I teach high school, thus pending naturally toward pessimist. Apparently the fact that government handouts make people buy cars at lower than last year's peak levels means another investment in failure is a good idea. I would honestly have no problem with these grants if they were awarded entirely to scholarly research associations connected with schools or even an independent, government-sponsored 'green' company. But does anyone believe that the auto industry really wants to develop hybrid energy? Ford's first and only mass produced electric car was pulled from the market so quickly they were compacted with several hippies still inside. The technology has existed for decades, but American auto companies have done almost nothing to make it practical. Here's a test for Obama's transparency in the section which records broken campaign promises. If we can even find out how half of this money is spent, I'll consider the program a success.

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