Wednesday, August 5, 2009

America in Danger

I'm posting this video without permission of Glenn Beck.  I was going to post his commemoration of the president's birthday, but I couldn't find it and this caught my eye.  I promise not to steal anything else for this blog. 


  1. Glenn Beck? are you fucking kidding me? His show is a joke, and half of what he says is a lie. People like you are ruining America. And also, Conservativism isn't a word. at least conservatives have an ideology, you just have a blog with a moronic name. Also, I love the fact that I'm the only one who's commented on your site so far.

  2. Selma,

    One starts a blog one post at a time, and one comment at a time. I started my blog back in mid-2004. The first several posts I put up, I'm sure I was the only one reading them.

    After letting all of my friends know, I got a comment. Alas, it was one like "Bill" here: a leftist troll. Still, I figured it would be good to engage the troll and use facts, logic, and reason. As I discovered, leftists are immune to those things. For them, emotions govern, not facts or logic.

    Anywho, my blog wound up growing and growing. Granted, I do not have nearly the following that Michelle Malkin, Hot Air, Little Green Footballs, etc., have, but my blog has been featured a number of times on, in USA Today, CBS News, Fox News, and even the BBC. It didn't happen overnight.

    In other words, keep pushing ahead. Don't let trolls dissuade you. Maybe your blog will take off, and maybe it won't. But you will not find out until you try. Just publish things that are of interest to you, use your own style (mine is a fusion of sarcasm, humor, and fine prose...if I do say so myself), and see what works for you.

    Know this: the current empty suit Marxist occuping 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. will give you PLENTY of material these next few years!


    Crush Liberalism

  3. If you're looking for cool conservative sites to link to, you should check out this site. My friend just showed it to me. It's the obama-as-antichrist angle.

  4. That site is pretty good. He needs to link it out. Liberals are ridiculous. The Republican party is just using the same tactics that liberals used for the entire eight years of Bush's presidency. Now that their methods are being effectively used against them by us, they can't handle it and scream racism or call us insane. Objective polls don't lie: The numbers are turning toward true conservative candidates. If we play our cards right in the next two months, focusing on getting that Kennedy seat, we might be able to hold on until the next election cycle. Thanks for the support, Crush. Someone has to put these libs in line.

  5. Obamas going to bankrupt America. Now he wants to send more troops to a war that he promised to get us out of